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The safety and wellbeing of our students at JUNIOR FITNESS SQUAD is our number one priority and we are committed to ensuring every student is kept safe.

All JFS staff have undertaken child protection/safeguarding training which is reviewed and renewed annually. The designated welfare officer is Rosie Howard. Rosie’s role is to:

Ensure all JFS staff have the relevant and correct training to work safely with our students.

Ensure JFS operates safely within the legislation and guidance (children’s act 1998 & 2004)

Keeps an organised recording of any concerns/reports regarding JFS student which is kept confidential from other JFS reports.

Decides on the appropriate level of action with each concern, i.e. inform parents, local authority etc.

Inform parents of the safeguarding policy and give them access via telephone 07594 197 501

JFS session are closed to parents and the public. Students are dropped off from outside the sports hall/gym. JFS staff sign students in and out every session.

Safeguarding: FAQ
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